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See how much money you can save by finding and removing zombie servers from your data center

Over 10 million zombie servers have infested data centers worldwide–wasting the electric equivalent of eight major power plants.

Chances are, you have them too.

Zombie servers are lurking in the dark. Sucking up costly power and space. And with 30 percent of servers being of the comatose variety, almost one-third of capital is being wasted in data centers every day. Zombie servers—both virtual and physical—pose a further menace. Without being patched and maintained, they are vulnerable to major security threats. Armed with our software, detecting and eradicating zombies from your facilities are now a breeze.

Estimated results calculated based on the following sources: Report – Zombie and Comatose Servers Redux, April 2017 – Jon Taylor and Jonathan Koomey, CA Technologies – Quantifying Trends
in Server Power Usage, and Avgerinou, M.; Bertoldi, P.; Castellazzi, L. Trends in Data Centre Energy Consumption under the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency. Energies 2017, 10, 1470.

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