Data Center Workflow Management

Data Center Workflow Management


The Challenge

Let’s face it, running a data center requires a lot of work. As many as one third of the servers in the data center will be replaced every year. Maintenance on the facilities infrastructure must be done on a regular basis. Network cables are moved, new software is installed, and VMs are created and removed. Change in the data center presents a number of challenges, the primary ones being  following established processes for making changes and making sure we are documenting all of the changes.

The Solution

Uncontrolled changes create much of the work in the data center. RAMP DCIM allows you to create tasks and workflows (sets of tasks) to ensure that defined processes are followed to reduce the risk of changes causing downtime in the data center. RAMP DCIM allows you to create custom workflows for tasks such as adding or decommisioning a server, performing routine maintenance, and so on. By simply dragging and dropping tasks onto the workflow editor and making connections between tasks, detailed processes can be quickly defined. Users must complete prerequisite tasks before later tasks can be started, ensuring the workflow is completed in a systematic way. A workflow can include information which the data center technician must enter before completing the task, ensuring that the workflow contains the detailed information needed. The workflow engine will automatically notify the workflow and task owners when they have work to do. In addition, a complete log of all workflow activity is kept for review.

In addition, RAMP DCIM also automates much of the change logging process, ensuring that the data in the system remains accurate. If the hardware configuration changes, new software or firmware is installed, or a network cable is moved to another port, for example, RAMP DCIM can auto-detect this change and store the change in the change log. By maintaining the accuracy of the data, you can feel confident that RAMP DCIM has the most accurate and up to date information.


  • Increases availability by ensuring processes are followed in the data center
  • Provides accurate and up to data information through auto-discovery and automated change management
  • Allows you to create customized workflows
  • Provides an audit trail of all workflows and tasks