What-If Scenarios Made Easy

Data center managers today deal with countless variables: technology refresh, critical infrastructure management, airflow management, and many more. Each of these impacts the other, and one small change can affect IT in unexpected ways. The challenges of data center capacity management are common across enterprise, colocation and hyperscale data centers. So, how can you see the impact of change? How can you plan for future deployments? Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) gives you the visibility you need to answer these questions – and more – for any data center.

Data Center Simulation

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6SigmaDCX Integration

RAMP DCIM seamlessly integrates with 6SigmaDCX by Future Facilities, allowing you to simulate any data center change or what-if scenario. Using the power of CFD, 6SigmaGateway is the DCX suite’s dedicated integration tool. It pulls and pushes data from RAMP DCIM straight into the DCX software, integrating your existing data with 6SigmaDCX’s powerful engineering simulation capabilities. This allows you to continuously model the impact of potential facility changes using the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

The integration brings your existing RAMP DCIM asset data into a DCX model, so you can simulate your existing facility without duplication of effort. 6SigmaGateway discovers and monitors a wide range of RAMP DCIM data, including:


IT Equipment Manufacturer • model • unique ID • hardware ID
IP address • operating system • owner cabinet
cabinet slot • chassis slot • dimensions
orientation • weight • equipment type
Cabinet, PDU, UPS Manufacturer • model • unique ID • tile location
dimensions • orientation • weight
Power Strip, ACU Manufacturer • model • unique ID • dimensions


IT Equipment Real time power • real time inlet temperature
Cabinet, PDU, UPS Real time power
ACU Supply temperature • return temperature

How it Works

6SigmaGateway pulls data from RAMP DCIM via ReST (Representational State Transfer). ReST defines the message format that web service-enabled applications use to communicate with each-other over the Internet, and allows the 6SigmaGateway service to communicate with RAMP DCIM and retrieve its data. This process works as follows:

6SigmaGateway uses ReST to query your RAMP DCIM files, checking for changes to the RAMP DCIM model or any new live feed data.
6SigmaGateway pulls this data from RAMP DCIM, and saves it.
6SigmaGateway synchronizes with a Virtual Facility model in 6SigmaRoom, the DCX suite’s operational planning tool.
6SigmaGateway updates the 6SigmaRoom facility model with the new data from RAMP DCIM. You can then run simulations to visualize your facility’s current cooling and find areas for improvement, or model future deployment plans and simulate their impact in your real-world facility.

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