Asset Lifecycle Management Case Study


How a $30-Billion Financial Services Firm Used Asset Lifecycle Management to Avoid a Future Tax Exposure

Managing the lifecycle of IT assets is critical to the health of a data center. Proper management ensures that assets are maintained and replenished according to scheduled plans. It also provides the enterprise with the most accurate and up-to-date information on its devices. Without it can prove very costly. Such was the case for a large financial services firm.


Tuangru’s customer manages $30 billion in investment capital and operates data centers with tens of thousands of assets. Prior to using RAMP DCIM, the firm assessed which assets were active or retired based on fragmented sources of information. The lack of coherent and accurate data resulted in the customer incorrectly reporting depreciation on decommissioned assets. The result–a massive tax exposure.

Dell PowerEdge Screenshot

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How Tuangru Helped

With RAMP DCIM’s asset lifecycle management tool, the customer can now plan the lifetime of each device–from time of order, delivery and deployment, to retirement and decommission. They can also plan asset lifecycle actions in advance, and generate automated reports that accurately capture the assets depreciation schedule. The risk of a future tax exposure is altogether eliminated.

Further, the software’s auto-discovery tool confirms which assets are still in production or decommissioned–even without lifecycle information. They can even retain sensor and change log information for all retired assets to meet compliance requirements.

RAMP DCIM’s asset lifecycle management and powerful auto-discovery tool ensures the financial services customer always has access to real-time status information on any device at any time.

Retired Assets Screenshot

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